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Group Events - Team Building
One day you may find yourself in a crisis for which you have no formal training. As the crisis unfolds the situation becomes increasingly dynamic and unpredictable with every passing moment:
Sitting in the passenger seat of a jet airliner have you ever wondered, if the situation presented itself, could you safely land the plane if no one else could? If you had help from another passenger, how would you work to solve a problem neither of you had the training to solve? We'll take you there in this challenging, fully immersive flight simulator experience!
6-18 Participants
Challenge your co-workers, teammates, friends or even family members in this new fully immersive experience!

Our simulated emergency scenario teams you up with a fellow passenger in your group to conduct an emergency landing in our Boeing 737 simulator. Working with air traffic control (simulator instructor) you and your teammate must remain calm and follow specific instructions in order to conduct a safe landing. There are several challenges throughout this experience that will test your ability to work as an effective team member.

We also offer a more competitive option for this event. If you prefer, we can structure the event as team, or individual competition among participants in your group.

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Event Takeaways
  • Fostering a “Take Charge” mindset to all members of a team
  • Aviation - Crew Resource Management (CRM) principles applied to business
  • Aviation - Threat Error Management (TEM) principles applied to business
  • Planning Principles - Action versus Reaction 
ASG welcomed the EO Raleigh-Durham as the first participants of our new team building event "Emergency Landing"
ASG hosted students from Duke University's, Duke Aviators Association, for our newest team building event "The Boeing Field Challenge"
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