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Choose Your Flight Experience:
Cleared For Take-Off

Flight Experience (1-2 Participants)

For ages 12 years and up: Experience the sensation of flight from the captain's seat in our fully enclosed fixed-based simulator made from a real Boeing 737 cockpit. Assisting as your co-pilot, your instructor will guide you through the exciting scenarios of your choice. If you're up for the challenge, team up with a friend or family member and share the experience. You can book a flight for yourself, or purchase it as a gift. Choose from the most challenging airports in the world for your departure and destination. We tailor each experience to the individual, ensuring we conduct your flight in a manner and pace that is highly appealing to you. Seat belt sign's time for push-back!

Group Events-Team Building (6-18 Participants)

Looking for a new team-building activity that can challenge your co-workers, teammates, friends or even family members? We offer an exciting, fully immersive scenario that will truly put your skills and talent to the test! Have you ever been on a plane and wondered, if the situation presented itself, could you safely land the plane if no one else could? If you had help from another passenger, how would you work to solve a problem neither of you had experience solving? We'll take you there!
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